Done-For-You, Custom Niche Blog, With Content, Affiliate Banners, Traffic and Your Own Built-In AI Blog Post Writer!

Without A Website Of Your Own, You're Stuck At Square One.

Let me help you turn your passion into income...

A blog is a great way to attract buyers who are searching for information in your niche. But building a blog that generates consistent traffic can take weeks and even months.

It’s not just the blog design that’s a challenge. It’s dealing with all the technical aspects.

There's the web hosting, learning WordPress, finding matching affiliate programs, putting up ad banners, getting links, search engine optimization, site security, and that's just the beginning. Then you need lots of content on a daily basis!

Don't you wish there was an easier way...

Hey, I get it. It's a big learning curve, and a lot of work.

That's why I'm now offering a 100% done-for-you blog building service for anyone who wants a blog but doesn’t have weeks or months to get it all set up.

When I say 100% done for you blog, I mean everything. I build the site, host it, add content and images, add a monetizing strategy, secure it, and send traffic!

And if you're worried about writing content, don't be. You can simply use our new built-in AI interface to write all your content for you..

So that you can see the quality of work I do, here are a few niche blogs I finished up recently... (Click the images to check out the live sites.)

OK, So What Can I Build For You?

If you’re interested in having a niche blog of your own and would prefer to have someone do everything for you, and I do mean EVERYTHING, here’s what I'm offering at this web page:

  • I’ll help you decide on a good niche that suits your interests or experience
  •  Help you choose a good domain name for your niche blog
  • Build the entire blog with custom logo, images, about and contact pages and disclaimers
  • Make it mobile friendly so it views well on computers, tablets and phones
  • Fill it with enough content to get you started (written posts and video if you'd like)
  • Monetize it with affiliate banners linked to offers of your choice
  • Include an AI interface so you can add content whenever you want using artificial intelligence
  • Host the site and keep it 100% protected from hackers
  • Send 100+ targeted visitors every month via traffic networks I belong to
  • Add backlinks to get your site indexed quickly on Google and Bing
  • Add forms so you can get email subscribers and grow and opt-in list
  • Add SSL security at no extra cost
  • Perform regular backups and software updates

As you can see, I do literally everything for you.

So what exactly do YOU do when I'm done?

Well, once your blog is completed, you get admin login so you can post your own content whenever you want. I’ll even show you exactly how to do that. You can write the content yourself or use the built-in AI content writer to do it all for you. It even adds professional images for you!

OK, so how much does this done-for-you blog building service cost? A fraction of what you'll pay elsewhere.

You’ve probably seen similar offers for $2,000 or more and that’s usually without content and traffic. And if you wanted to integrate artificial intelligence, the price would go up sharply. But my mission is to offer affordable solutions for my customers.

Yes, it is a lot of work, but I can get it all set up for you in less than one week. (Imagine having your own niche blog just a week from now!)

And the best news is that I can do the whole thing for a one-time design and setup fee of $279 plus just $20 a month for the hosting, security, backups, unlimited AI content and ongoing traffic.

You choose the niche, and I do the rest....

There are lucrative affiliate programs in virtually any niche imaginable. Tell me what you want to promote and I'll build a blog to help you tap into that free income! 

I've built blogs about travel, health, Internet marketing, personal development, and more than 40 other topics. Think of any product or service in the world, and you can probably earn money in that niche.

And the best part is, with our built-in AI interface, you don't have to write a word! You simply type the title of your blog post and artificial intelligence writes the entire blog post for you, including adding featured images.

You can add as much content as you want, and pull in search traffic from all the major search engines for free!

About Your New Blog Creator...

Sarah Denbow

Sarah has been developing sites for clients since 2017. She has created more than 100 affiliate niche blogs and websites in that span.

In addition to website and blog design, she creates and publishes video assets for Internet businesses including DFY affiliate review packs and white label rapid learning video courses.

You'll find her on WarriorPlus as a top vendor and rising start in the affiliate marketing arena.

Sign me up! I want my own affiliate blog!

I understand you'll build the entire blog for me. I agree to pay $20 per month, plus the one-time design fee of $279 when my blog build gets underway. When my new blog is ready (3-5 business days), I'll take over and use the built-in AI tool to add new content as often as I want.

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