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With the emergence of AI tools like ChatGPT, Google has stated that "content generated programmatically without producing anything original" is against their policies. That means it may rank lower in search results or not appear at all.

So go ahead and use AI for content, but make sure you fact-check, rewrite, add original opinions and case studies and make it human!

If you don't have time for all that, my limited-release blog posts are your solution. They can be used for multiple purposes including traffic generation, affiliate marketing and more (see ideas below).

Note: Only 30 customers will be allowed to purchase today's new post, so that it remains unique, exclusive and effective for the small number of owners.

What's This New Content About?

This extra long content contains 4,254 words covering the following topics:

1. Over 50% of Visitors Are on mobile, Are You Sure Your Site is Viewing Properly?

2. Are You Getting Your Share of Organic Search Traffic? If No, Use these SEO Tips.

3. Content Marketing has Changed. Are You Up to Speed?

4. If You're Not Building and Nurturing an Email List, You'd Better Read This.

Plus three more major no-no's almost every failing business makes. 

How To Earn With This New Content...

You can do almost anything you want with this, with one exception:

You CANNOT sell or give away any rights to this content, such as resale or private label rights.

This restriction will keep the content usage limited, yielding maximum results for the 30 owners.

That said, here's what YOU CAN AND SHOULD DO with this content:

Use it as a long blog post (as-is or with edits) to help people learn to earn, and to attract traffic from search engines.

Monetize it by adding your affiliate links. (You'll get a list of matching affiliate programs and signup links with this content.)

Use it as a guest blog post to get links to your site or traffic to affiliate links.

Use it as a report or ebook to give away or sell.

Use it as part of a larger product to give away or sell.

Use it for multiple autoresponder emails.

Use it as a chapter in a course or print book.

Use it as a transcript for an audio file or podcast.

Use it for a multi-part video script.

Use it in a free or paid membership.

What's Inside? Can I See a Sample?

You get a Microsoft Word file, a NotePad Text file, an Apple Pages file, a PDF eBook version, a professional cover image, plus links to matching affiliate program signup pages so you can monetize the content.

Here's a sample from the beginning of this post so you can see the writing style..

The digital age has opened up endless possibilities for entrepreneurs looking to start their own businesses online. With access to a global audience and new markets at your fingertips comes great potential for growth, but also significant challenges along the way.

In this blog post, we'll explore seven common mistakes that could derail even well-intentioned ventures into failure if not avoided early on in one's journey towards success as an online business owner.

Working online offers endless possibilities for growth and profitability but requires a strategic approach. To navigate this landscape successfully, you need to be aware of potential pitfalls while remaining committed to avoiding common mistakes that could hinder progress.

However, by learning from others experiences through preventative measures, entrepreneurs can set themselves up for sustainable prosperity over time. With these strategies in place, you’ll be well equipped to navigate the challenges that come with running a successful digital enterprise.

Are you ready to take your online business game up a notch? Then join me as we explore the top seven mistakes that entrepreneurs must avoid at all costs.

Whether you're an experienced e-commerce veteran or just starting out in this dynamic digital world, this blog post will provide valuable insights and strategies for navigating through it with confidence and resilience.

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