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With the emergence of AI tools like ChatGPT, Google has stated that "content generated programmatically without producing anything original" is against their policies. That means it may rank lower in search results or not appear at all.

So go ahead and use AI for content, but make sure you fact-check, rewrite, add original opinions and case studies and make it human!

If you don't have time for all that, my limited-release blog posts are your solution. They can be used for multiple purposes including traffic generation, affiliate marketing and more (see ideas below).

Note: Only 30 customers will be allowed to purchase today's new post, so that it remains unique, exclusive and effective for the small number of owners.

What's This New Content About?

This extra long content contains 2,486 words covering free and low cost digital marketing strategies for 2023 such as:

1. Taking Advantage of the Free Advertising Offered by Search Engines

2. Growing Your Own List Of Email Leads

3. Forming Strategic Alliances With Other Business Owners

4. Generating Income With Your Own Network of Affiliates and Influencers

Plus SIX more income-boosting strategies you should start using today! 

How To Earn With This New Content...

You can do almost anything you want with this, with one exception:

You CANNOT sell or give away any rights to this content, such as resale or private label rights.

This restriction will keep the content usage limited, yielding maximum results for the 30 owners.

That said, here's what YOU CAN AND SHOULD DO with this content:

Use it as a long blog post (as-is or with edits) to help people learn to earn, and to attract traffic from search engines.

Monetize it by adding your affiliate links. (You'll get a list of matching affiliate programs and signup links with this content.)

Use it as a guest blog post to get links to your site or traffic to affiliate links.

Use it as a report or ebook to give away or sell.

Use it as part of a larger product to give away or sell.

Use it for multiple autoresponder emails.

Use it as a chapter in a course or print book.

Use it as a transcript for an audio file or podcast.

Use it for a multi-part video script.

Use it in a free or paid membership.

What's Inside? Can I See a Sample?

You get a Microsoft Word file, a NotePad Text file, an Apple Pages file, a PDF eBook version, a professional cover image, plus links to matching affiliate program signup pages so you can monetize the content.

Here's a sample from the beginning of this post so you can see the writing style..

Strategy 1: Create an email marketing plan

Provide a form for opt-ins on your website.

Email marketing is one of the most effective strategies for establishing a personal connection with your audience. Create an opt-in form on your website to get started. By completing this form, visitors can opt-in to your email list, granting you access to send them updates and useful content. Ideally positioned on your website, the opt-in form will increase visibility and boost sign-ups.

Provide useful material in return for email addresses.

By providing useful material in return for email addresses, you can encourage website visitors to join your email list. This could take the form of a discounted price on your goods or services, a complimentary e-book, or access to exclusive resources. By offering something of value, you can increase the likelihood that people will subscribe to your list and become devoted supporters.

Split up your email list to run more focused campaigns.

Segment your email list according to different demographics, tastes, or past contacts with your business to maximize the effectiveness of your email marketing campaigns. You can deliver more relevant, targeted campaigns to particular audience segments by doing this. Better conversions will follow from the increased open and click-through rates brought forth by this tailored approach.

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